New Work: Doctor Who Series 9 – Press Images

I have been working on a lot of press photography that is starting to pop up in digital and print publications for the September series 9 launch of Doctor Who. Happy to see the work on some covers like SFX Magazine and Doctor Who Magazine. Have a look over at my behance site for more information on the project. There will be more work to publish as more images are released: Doctor Who Series 9 Press Images


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New Work: Atlantis Series II, Part II

BBC One’s Atlantis when off air for a mid-season break. To promote the return of the show, the production company Urban Myth Films Ltd., asked me to create a poster design to use in promotional materials from the existing assets and photography from Series II, Part I. The concept was to have the trio of heroes again in front of a burning Atlantis with Medusa looming overhead. Much playing around with how much of Medusa should be visible was done. Here is the finished result.

AtlantisII_seriesII_Final_Type_35mbFull project can be viewed in my behance portfolio site:

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Personal work – Dogs

Playing around with PS and gouache brushes.


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Christmas Card!

Instead of a Christmas card. My holiday plans in color variations.



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New Work: Retouching for NotBland Photography

I recently had the opportunity to work on something fairly new to me. Most of my retouching work has been on “natural” or “living” subjects, with a bit of machinery here and there, but never as anything but background. My friend Webb Bland photographed the 2015 Chrysler 300c and 300s directly for Chrysler — pretty big deal that there was no agency middle man. With a tight deadline coming up, he needed the assistance of a small team of retouchers to help him get his work ready for client review, and I was brought into the fold. A nice sampling of the finished project can be found on his Behance site:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.28.38 PM

Take a look at Webb’s work directly from his site, NotBland Photography:

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New Work: BBC The Game

I worked on the key art for BBC’s The Game back in March. It’s a show that has just premiered on the 5th of November on BBC America, and I believe in the UK on the same date. It is a Cold War espionage drama miniseries starring Tom Hughes and Brian Cox. What information I got when beginning this project immediately had me hooked. This is definitely a show I would want to watch, and I hope it finds its way to Canada soon!

The Creative Director wanted something that would jive with what the title treatment was working up to be. The end result is a mixture of graphic elements and talent photography. A fun project overall. There’s a mixture of stock photography, unit stills, and talent photography in here. The image of Parliament is actually an image of my own I threw in. Always remember to beef up your own personal arsenal of assets when you do creative work!

TheGame_ak_landscape_final_02_35mb TheGame_ak_portrait_final_02_35mb

In use here on the BBC America website.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.28.10 PM

I can’t find a larger image, but it’s being used also as the art for the mp3 soundtrack. Fun!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.40.41 AM

As always, here’s a link to the project on my portfolio site.

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New Work: BBC Atlantis II

I was recently approached by Urban Myth Films Ltd, the production company behind BBC One’s Atlantis, to produce key art for the launch of their second series. I had worked on series one from the BBC side as at the time I was working in-house in London. I was more than happy to continue directly with the production company. There are a few more bits to the project, but currently there is just one image released. I provided art direction, sketches for the talent photo shoot, and production of the final images. Working with Urban Myth Films Ltd was an absolute joy. They trusted me the whole way, gave me creative control, and let me pick the photographer. They also went above and beyond providing me with assets of unit photography and bits from their FX crew to create the background.


First is the sketch that was chosen to go forward and be used to direct the talent photo shoot. You’ll note the Medusa head is something missing from the final. At the time of release, it would’ve been incredibly insensitive to release something with a decapitation after the current events regarding ISIS. It was a wise decision to remove.


Final One-Sheet key art.

landscape_trio_art_35mbFinal portrait crop key art.

For more project info, hop over to my Behance site:

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