Designing for Myself

Designing my own wedding stationery is by far the most fun and rewarding part of wedding planning I’ve come across thus far.

It took me forever to find a typeface I was happy with, and I fully plan on having my designs evolve as I make them, but I wanted to show the fun that I’ve been having so far with my wedding stationery! It’s almost time to send out the Save-the-Dates, and so I am researching an online digital printer to pump out enough Save-the-Date post cards that I’ve designed so that there is enough wiggle room to make name and address mistakes and not feel like there’s been a major loss for tossing a few of them.

I’ve sent out the requests for bridesmaids and groomsmen. They are just arriving at our hopeful bridal party’s homes this week! It was fun to make them, and I enjoyed re-purposing paper grocery bags to make envelopes. I wont go through the whole process to make envelopes for the invitations, but the end product is quite nice!

Groomsmen design example

Bridesmaid design sample

Ready to mail bridal party cards

Ordering paper soon after finding a few sample pieces to test print on! Very happy with a German mill that I came across while searching online with a type of paper that is made from something like 80% recycled beer bottle labels. They make for eco-friendly, natural looking papers with fun names. All important in a paper selection process in my opinion! I will use this paper for invitations, RSVP cards, information cards, menus, name cards, and any other little signage needed as the base paper. Planning on ordering another kind with a mock wood grain texture to back things like the menu on.

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