Designing for Myself 2

I finished my “Save the Dates” a while ago. Had them printed online as a postcard with a glossy side and a b/w matte side. With online printing, my choice of paper was limited, especially when trying to stay within my budget. To keep the rustic feel, I added a fibrous paper texture to the design. It turned out ok, but of course, if I had an unlimited budget I would’ve been making a fantastic paper selection and sending my files off to a letterpress printer to get the “bite” and personal satisfaction of sending out little works of art. It is, however, JUST a Save the Date… and staying within budget wins the day.

Front, Glossy side

Back side, Color. Printed it in BW

All the other stationery will be printed eventually. I found the paper that I want to use for most of it! It’s made of recycled beer bottle labels, and comes in colors coinciding with beers: Weizen (off-white), Pils (dark yellow), and Bock (earthy brown) are the three colors I selected to start messing around with. I had bought the swatch book from the manufacturer and found a seller in London to buy some pricey (ouch) sample sheets. Eventually I will order paper from the manufacturer and hopefully stay within that buzz kill budget.

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One Response to Designing for Myself 2

  1. LOVE your Save The Dates (and the requests for bridesmaids and groomsmen)! Your work is so fun and fresh!!


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