Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Designing My Wedding Invitations… Or What My Evenings Were Like for the Month of May:

Finally got these invitations mailed out and am getting RSVPs back, so I feel like I can share some photos.

scoring envelope

I used the envelope from a friend’s wedding invitation I got in the mail this past autumn to use as a template for my envelopes. I bought several sheets of A1 lightweight, brown pastel paper, and stenciled in the templates, cut them, scored them for folding, and glued them into life.


Trimmings from invitations, belly bands, and envelopes.

Winding on the string

After printing out the invitation and accompanying info/rsvp cards onto a single A4 sheet of Bee! Paper from Gmund, I cut them out with exacto blade, non-slip ruler, and my new toy: a REAL cutting mat! After quickly destroying my makeshift cutting board, I decided to cave and buy a real one, even if I do have ot leave it behind when we eventually leave London. Didn’t hurt that I found a large one 50% off at an art supplies store in Soho. I then cut strips of Bock Bier Paper to make a belly band for the invite bundles, and wrapped the band with a bit of white and rusty cotton string to add some color.

Addressing envelopes with a white paint pen

The last step was to address the envelopes. It was a bit tricky with a paint pen, but I faired well — only 8 mess ups!

Invitation set

All the designs I created in Illustrator, then dropped into Photoshop to mess around with distressing effects to mimic letterpress. Tried to get it as authentic as possible without the “bite” letterpress printing leaves. Would have been cool, but the wedding budget needed to be kept in check. I think we’d have some angry guests if I spent a whole bunch of money on printing the invitations and forgot to feed them.

Next wedding stationery post will come after the wedding in late September. I will be making table number signs, name cards, the guest book, thank you notes, and  a number of other wedding related stationery and signage.

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