New Work: Doctor Who “Time Heist”

For episode 5 of Doctor Who Series 8, I finished up a handful of character portraits for promotional use by BBC Worldwide and BBC. There was going to be an iconic, but with a lack of resources, agreement among the powers that be, and timing it became a better solution to let the portraits lead the way. I agree on this decision as fans don’t like to see recycled images used in portraits, iconic art, and so on and so forth. It cheapens the whole package. But these portraits work well. Especially the Teller monster, who is my personal favorite DW monster ever. Just for the smug face he makes. So here they are. And of course, they’re on my behance portfolio site:

That completes my part on Doctor Who, and just in time for an epic road trip. My husband and I are moving to Vancouver, BC and driving roughly 3000 miles to get there. So that’s it for new work until we’ve settled in.



DW8_Ep05_R3_portrait_keeley DW8_Ep05_R5_portrait_Guy DW8_Ep05_R3_portrait_girl

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