New Work: Doctor Who “Time Heist”

For episode 5 of Doctor Who Series 8, I finished up a handful of character portraits for promotional use by BBC Worldwide and BBC. There was going to be an iconic, but with a lack of resources, agreement among the powers that be, and timing it became a better solution to let the portraits lead the way. I agree on this decision as fans don’t like to see recycled images used in portraits, iconic art, and so on and so forth. It cheapens the whole package. But these portraits work well. Especially the Teller monster, who is my personal favorite DW monster ever. Just for the smug face he makes. So here they are. And of course, they’re on my behance portfolio site:

That completes my part on Doctor Who, and just in time for an epic road trip. My husband and I are moving to Vancouver, BC and driving roughly 3000 miles to get there. So that’s it for new work until we’ve settled in.



DW8_Ep05_R3_portrait_keeley DW8_Ep05_R5_portrait_Guy DW8_Ep05_R3_portrait_girl

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New Work: Doctor Who “Listen”

Fourth episode into Doctor Who, Series 8. The iconic press images are much more stripped back. More of a simple cut/paste Peter onto a clean blackboard and retain his old shadow. Quick work, but effective in the end. I’ll be updating my Behance page for this episode as I find it in use online:


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New Work: Doctor Who “Robot of Sherwood”

New work is out for Doctor Who, Series 8, Episode 3 “Robot of Sherwood” featuring guest start Tom Riley as Robin Hood. Created a press key art iconic image in portrait and landscape crops, and portraits of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Had fun using personal photos taken from an obstacle course race I did in the UK in May 2013 to make up the background sky and trees in the iconic. Leafy bits framing the image came from another personal photo taken along the Thames in London. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my own holiday photos for work.

Did a bit of retouching on crinkly clothes, baggy eyes, and jawlines on some of the unit photography out there too. Below are the iconics and the portraits. As always, view the full project on my portfolio site: and keep an eye out online and in your TV guide listing mags for my work in use this week.

DW8_Ep03_R7_landscape_04_35mb DW8_Ep03_R7_portrait_04_35mbDr 12Dr 12

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New Work: Doctor Who “Into the Dalek”

Press photo comping for Doctor Who, Series 8, Episode 2 “Into the Dalek.” Mixture of photography, screengrabs from vfx/production, and from scratch walls/windows. Two crops of the key art iconic press image, and a version of the portraits done of secondary characters. Hope you enjoyed the episode if you had a chance to watch it this past weekend. Keep an eye out for episode three’s press images online and in TV guide listing magazines. As always, work here:

And check out the Doctor Who facebook page where you can see some applications of how the press images are used:

DW8_Ep02_R3_landscape_35mb DW8_Ep02_R3_portrait_35mb DW8_Ep02_Duo_01

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New Work: Doctor Who “Deep Breath”

After the launch of the key art used for the promotion of the new Series 8 of Doctor Who, I’ve been working on key art for each episode. Here is episode one’s press image. Check it out on the Doctor Who facebook page, and BBC America website. This one took a lot of work and went through about a month’s worth of revisions. The final product was worth all the effort and one of my favorite finishes for Doctor Who. More work in the usual place:

DW8_R10_landscape_01_35mb DW8_R10_portrait_01_35mb

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New Work: Doctor Who Series 8 promotional press iconic image

Recently finished some work for BBC Worldwide to promote the launch of Series 8 of Doctor Who. I provided retouching, color correction, and image comping.



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Self promo piece

Self promo piece

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